Lenormand Horoscope Spread – Buying a House

Natalie is young professional who is in the process of purchasing her first home. She has several questions related to the prospective purchase:

  • Is the home in good condition?
  • Is the home a good investment?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Will the bank approve the mortgage?
  • Will I end up purchasing this home?
  • Will I be happy in the new home?

When the querent has multiple questions relating to a single topic, I like to use the Lenormand Horoscope Spread. All of Natalie’s questions can be addressed with this simple 12-card spread.

First I set my intention that the Lenormand Lady will represent Natalie, and the Lenormand House card will represent the new home, if these cards happen to appear in the spread. Then I focus on Natalie’s questions while shuffling. Finally I deal one card into each of the 12 houses of the horoscope wheel.

You can find specific instructions about how to draw and read this spread, along with the horary meanings for each of the 12 houses,  in my previous article:  Lenormand Horoscope Spread for Questions.

Lenormand Horoscope Spread

Lenormand Horoscope Spread

What Is the Condition of the Home?

The home is represented by the 4th house in astrology, so the Lenormand Ship in the 4th house would represent Natalie’s current place of residence. The Ship indicates movement, and confirms the theme of the reading: Natalie is purchasing a new home and moving from her current residence. The cards are in tune with the topic of our questions.

We want to determine the condition of the home for sale which is currently owned by another person. The other person in a horoscope reading is always represented by the 7th house. So the other person’s house would be the 4th from the 7th, or Natalie’s 10th house. The house for sale is represented by the 10th house where we find the Lenormand Clouds.

The Clouds card is not a reassuring symbol to represent the condition of the new house. It warns of instability, complications and hidden problems. Also, we find the Lenormand House (which is the significator for the new home) in Natalie’s 6th house of health. This suggests that the health (condition) of the home is an important consideration. Specifically the Clouds card may refer to weather damage, dampness, mold, air quality, and problems with the airconditioning system. The querent is advised to make a careful inspection of the home with these ideas in mind.

Is the Home a Good Investment?

Financial value is ruled by the second house. To determine the value of the home, we first need to look to the home as represented by the first house. This is called “turning the chart” in horary astrology. We have already determined that the new home is represented by the querent’s 10th house, so the 10th house becomes the first house for the new home. Therefore, the second house for the new home would be the Natalie’s 11th house, where we find the Lenormand Storks.

The Storks card is a positive indicator. It represents advancement and elevation. Despite the underlying problems represented by the Clouds, the Storks shows that the value of the home will continue to appreciate in value. The home is indeed a good investment for the querent, and any problems with the home’s condition should be easily resolved.

Is the Neighborhood Safe?

In a horary chart, the querent’s current neighborhood is represented by the third house. We are asking about the neighborhood of the new home. So the third house from the new home (10th house) would be the Natalie’s 12th house, where we find the Lenormand Key.

The Key always says “yes” with certainty. It can also highlight the significance of the matter in question. The neighborhood is quite safe, and the location is the new home’s best feature. We have already learned that the value of the house will continue to appreciate, so I have the impression that the neighborhood may be in the process of a revitalization.

Will the Bank Approve the Mortgage?

Other people’s money is always the querent’s 8th house. There we find the Lenormand Crossroads which represents the bank loan.

The Crossroads denotes options and choices, but also hesitation and compromise. This card may suggest a partial loan, or two sources of income. I get the feeling that the Bank will not approve the full amount that Natalie needs. A substantial down payment from Natalie may be necessary as an alternative measure. Natalie’s money is represented by the 2nd house. The Dog card in the 2nd house shows that financial help will be necessary for Natalie to secure the money necessary to purchase the home.

Will I End Up Purchasing This New Home?

The final outcome (end of the matter) is revealed in Natalie’s 4th house, where we find the Lenormand Ship.

The Ship is a positive card. It indicates transportation, relocation and forward movement. In the end, the purchase of the home will proceed as hoped, and Natalie will make the move to the new home.

Will I be Happy in the New Home?

The Tower in the first house indicates that Natalie has high expectations. Natalie’s hopes and wishes are represented by the 11th house, where we find the Lenormand Storks. (You will note that we have already read this card from the perspective of the home as the home’s value. Now from Natalie’s perspective this same card will reveal the outcome of her wishes regarding the new home.)

The Storks card represents a positive change. It also denotes a move, and reflects Natalie’s hopes and wishes for a new home. If Natalie purchases the new home, it will meet her high expectations, and she will be very happy there.


Despite the underlying issues with the condition of the home, the cards show that this would be a good move for Natalie. The home is a good investment, and she will be happy and safe in the new location. The main caveat is regarding the bank loan. There may be some complications with acquiring the bank’s approval on the mortgage, and an alternate solution may be necessary.

Natalie’s feedback on the Reading:
Natalie fell in love with the new home, despite the fact that several windows needed to be replaced because of water seepage when it rained (Clouds). Unfortunately, the bank did not approve the loan on the house, and Natalie was advised that she would need to provide a substantial down payment, or find an alternate home in a more modest price range. Luckily, Natalie was able to secure a supplemental (Crossroads) loan to cover the down payment from her brother (Dog), and she was thereby able to purchase the home. Notice that the Gentleman Card falls in Natalie’s 3rd House. The 3rd is the house of siblings. The Gentleman represents Natalie’s brother Simon who was influential in helping Natalie secure the new home.

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Lenormand Horoscope Spread for Questions

Zodiac-WheelThe Lenormand Horoscope Spread is perfect for when the querent requires detailed information about an important matter which may include several related questions. This spread allows me to hone in on a specific topic, and answer all relative questions without the need to reshuffle and redraw cards.

The Horoscope Spread is based on the horary astrological chart which is divided into twelve sections. Each section (or house) is ruled by one of the signs of the zodiac. By combining the basic horary astrology house meanings with the Lenormand card meanings, the Horoscope Spread can provide very specific information regarding all aspects of the situation in question.

Drawing the Cards

Shuffle the cards while focusing on the general topic to be explored. You may decide that certain cards will serve as significators in the spread. For example, if the querent wishes to know about a love interest, you can set your intention that the Lady card will represent the querent, and the Gentleman card will represent her love interest. These cards may not show up in the spread, but if they do they will carry added significance determined by the house into which they fall.

Next the cards are dealt around the astrological wheel, placing one card into each house of the zodiac, beginning with the first house, as shown in the following diagram:


 Guidelines for Interpreting the Spread

  • The specific questions will determine which houses are relevant (not all of the cards in the spread may be considered). The Lenormand card in each relevant house will provide the information to answer the question.
  • The relevant cards are interpreted within the context of each question, and within the framework of the houses into which they fall.
  • I deal from the top of the shuffled deck. Alternately, you can spread the cards face-down on the table and randomly one card for each house of the horoscope.
  • I place only one card into each house since the focus is on one topic only. I experience a high level of accuracy with this spread provided that all of the questions are related to the single topic that was the focus of the shuffle.  I have asked up to 8 questions with excellent results.

For a general reading, or for multiple questions that are not related to a single topic, you can place up to three cards into each house to focus on each individual area of the querent’s life in more detail.

 Meanings of the Houses†

House Meanings
1st House Represents the querent. The querent’s personal life and appearance, beginnings,  new projects, length of life.
Direction: East
2nd House Finances, values, lost or stolen objects, movable possessions, potential poverty or wealth, resources, material things desired, business transactions, earnings.
Direction: East North-East 
3rd House Siblings, relatives, neighbors. Short journeys. Schooling, early education. Personal communication, letters, emails, advice. Gossip, rumors, news. Direction: North North-East 
4th House Home, parents, father, domestic issues, buried treasure, land, real estate, inheritances from parents, houses, farms, agriculture, old age, mines. The end of any matter.
Direction: North
5th House Children, women, luxury, affairs, gambling, hobbies, stocks, romance, pregnancy, elections, entertainment, feasts, eating, drinking, parties, fun. Personal creativity. Bodies of water, rain. Teaching.
Direction: North North-west
6th House Health, illness, diseases, injuries, misfortunes. Hygiene, healing. Daily work, daily routines. Pets, small animals. Servants, employees.
Direction: West North-west
7th House Partner (marriage and business), lover, spouse, divorce, lawsuits, contracts. Quarrels, open rivals, competitors. Thieves, robbers, dishonors. Any unidentified person. The astrologer.
Direction: West
8th House Shared resources, death, and birth. Surgery. Life transformations, occult studies. Taxes, debts, mortgages and loans. Legacies, inheritance from other than parents, other people’s money or resources, corporate money. Investigations. Poverty, suffering, dangers. Sleep.
Direction: West South-West 
9th House Long-distance travel, religion, philosophy, education, higher learning. Lawyers, professionals. Dreams, divination. Wisdom. The arts. Public communication, media, publishing.
Direction: South South-West
10th House Career, vocation. Mother. Superiors, authority, employer, government. Status, fortune, success, glory, reputation, honors. Environment, the weather.
Direction: South
11th House Friends, sources of help. Protection, riches, presents. good fortune, Joy, hopes and wishes, praise, confidence, goals. Social activities, group endeavors.
Direction: South South-East
12th House Loss, imprisonment, secret enemies, black magic. Retreat and solitude. Widowhood, fears. Secrets, suffering, afflictions. Large animals. Hidden life, unconscious thoughts. Institutions, hospitalization. Suicide, murder. Vagabonds, prostitutes, beggars. Charity. Drugs and alcohol.
Direction: South South-West
†Compiled from several sources including Serena’s Guide to Horary

I will follow this post with a sample reading using the Lenormand Horoscope spread to help clarify the procedure.

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The Lenormand Lady’s Fan Spread

A useful spread for answering specific questions with the Lenormand cards is The Lady’s Fan. This spread consists of 7 cards which cover the past influences, the present circumstances, and the future outcome of the matter in question. The 7th card serves as the linchpin of the reading. It is the most important card in the spread indicating the most significant influence on the situation. Often the answer to the question can be found in the linchpin card.

The cards can be drawn either randomly or dealt directly from the top of the shuffled deck, depending on the preference of the reader. Then the cards are laid out as in the following diagram:



Past Influences: The two cards on the left (1 & 4) represent the past influences leading up to the present situation. These cards will usually indicate the recent past in reference to the matter in question.

Present Influences: The two cards at the center of the fan (2 & 5) represent the present influences surrounding the situation. Sometimes these cards will show the immediate future.

Future Outcome: The two cards on the far right (3 & 6) represent the future outcome of the situation based on the present influences. It’s important to remember that the future is fluid. Often the querent can influences the outcome of the situation by making a change in the present circumstances.

Linchpin: The linchpin card (7) is the most important card in the spread. The situation revolves around the influences represented by this card. For a yes-or-no question, the answer to the question will often be found in the linchpin card. Sometimes this card will provide advice that if followed will expedite a happy outcome, or help to ameliorate an unfavorable one.

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Finding Magic in the Lenormand Court Cards

I want to share a recent experience I had with finding special significance in a reading via the Lenormand Court Cards.  For the most part, the playing card insets in the Lenormand deck are ignored, but traditionally the court cards can be used to represent people in a reading.  For example the Clouds (King of Clubs) can represent an ex-husband, the Snake (Queen of Clubs) can represent a wife, and the House (King of Hearts) can represent a father or landlord. I don’t generally read the Lenormand Court Cards as people, but I do take meaning from the face card images, particularly for physical descriptions.

The King of Hearts on the Lenormand House is depicted with a beard, and when this card falls next to the Gentleman card, it can describe a man with facial hair.  I’ve found these descriptions to be extremely accurate in my own readings. For this reason, I always pay close attention to the court card images, and take note of anything that jumps out at me in a reading.

The importance of paying attention to the Lenormand Court Cards was driven home for me in a reading I did on New Year’s Eve.  I attended a party that was hosted by the co-worker of a friend, and as usual I brought along my Lenormand cards.  It wasn’t long before I had a line of guests clamoring for mini-readings.

As expected, the majority of questioners were young women in search of true love, but there was one gentleman, a young African-American man, who waited patiently for his turn.  He sat across from me, introduced himself as “Deandre,” and my first impression was of a quiet and reserved soul.

Deandre wanted to know about his career.  I asked if he was interested in learning about an employment/job versus a personal business since the differentiation would dictate the direction of the reading.  He said he was an entrepreneur interested in doing some freelance work, but offered nothing more. I set my intention that the Fish would represent Deandre’s freelance venture, focused on the question, and drew the following cards:

On the left, the House described a comfortable and secure situation, and indicated that recently things had been squared away, but the Mice showed previous anxiety and annoyance, or a stressful situation regarding the enterprise. These cards also suggested to me that Deandre had stubbornly pursued this project despite the problems he had encountered.  Looking to the cards on the right, I told Deandre that the Lady card represented a woman who would be influential in the near future in relation to the project. The Key confirmed her significance, and her connection to the future success of the freelance venture.

Next it was time to dig for more information.  The card directly to the left of the Fish will often suggest the type of business or enterprise in question.  I decided that the House might suggest real estate, but that didn’t feel right to me. Then the Mice in connection with the House made me think of some kind of home repair business, but that didn’t feel right either.  Then the court card, the King of Hearts, caught my attention, and it clicked.  Music! The King of Hearts is strumming a harp and making music.  That suddenly felt very right to me. I blurted out “music!” Deandre laughed. I asked, “Is this venture connected to the music industry in some way?”

Deandre laughed again and said, “Yes it is.” He confided that he was a singer/song writer, and that he had recently compiled a demo CD of his work that he was interested in shopping around.  Deandre confirmed that he’d had to deal with a number of problems while trying to professionally produce the demo, and nearly gave up, but now he feels confident with the result. He wanted insight into how best to promote his music.  I advised Deandre that the Lenormand Key showed he would get the kind of exposure he was hoping for through the help of the woman represented by the Lady card. He wanted to know more about who the woman might be, and so I used the Lady card as the significator for an additional spread.

Since this reading, I’ve had the King of Hearts meaningfully represent music in other readings as well.  I don’t know if this particular correspondence will work for everyone (I realize that the harp imagery is unique to the specific deck I utilize), but if you pay attention to the court card images, you may find wonderful connections that will create magic your own readings. As a side note, I thought I’d mention that I did not consider the playing card image on the Lenormand Fish, even though it is a face card.  I consciously chose the Fish card to represent the focus of the question, and therefore would not expect the card to carry any additional significance beyond representing the matter at hand.

In closing, I also wanted to apologize for not posting in while.  Numerologically speaking, 2012 is a number 7 Personal Year for me, and so it’s not too surprising that I’m feeling the need to withdraw a bit and shift my focus inward.  I may not post as much as I was doing previously, but I do intend to continue with the blog this year, and I do sincerely appreciate my followers and regular readers. :)

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Lenormand Horoscope Spread: How Will I Meet My December Love?

In October I did a 12 Month Lenormand Card Spread for my friend Heidi to determine when she would meet her Mr. Right. The Heart card predicted a December romance.  For the past week, as we’ve been edging into the month of December, Heidi has begun hounding me again for additional information about her new man.  She wants to know how and where she will meet him.  I keep reminding Heidi that the cards showed  the December romance would be only a temporary fling, but she is still anxious to learn more about the guy.

In order to shut her up, last night I agreed to do another reading for Heidi about her December love interest. I figured it would be another opportunity to try the Lenormand Astrology Spread. The layout works so well for locating lost objects, I though it would be a great method for pinpointing the location where Heidi will meet her December beau.

I set my intention that the Lenormand Gentleman card would represent the gentleman in question, and asked “Where will Heidi meet her December beau?” I dealt the cards into the twelve houses of the astrology wheel beginning with the first house, and proceeding counter-clockwise until I had circled the wheel three times, depositing a total of three cards into each astrological house. (For specific instructions on how to cast the Horoscope Spread, please see The Case of the Wandering Gypsy.)

The signifier (the Gentleman) fell into the 5th house of entertainment and recreation. Heidi will meet her beau someplace where she goes to relax and enjoy herself. The two cards that fell with the Gentleman are the Birds and the Garden.

The Garden confirms that Heidi will meet the new guy in a public place, surrounded by lots of other people. The Birds suggest talk and communication, so we might assume a noisy place filled with people and conversations, such as a bar or nightclub. The Birds might also suggest sales and negotiations.  So another possibility would be a retail location, perhaps where the man works.

The Garden can refer to any place where crowds gather, and the 5th house would narrow the location to specific places where people go to have fun. That would include bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theaters, sporting events, resorts, casinos, or even a party. The Birds could specifically point to concerts, lectures, or anywhere people go to listen to entertainment.

These cards can also describe the man in the context of their meeting. The birds suggest someone with good conversational skills, and the Garden indicates someone popular and outgoing. It strikes me that these traits could describe a bartender. In any case, the Birds suggest that the man will initiate contact, and I have an image of him chatting up Heidi over the din of a busy nightclub.

Heidi asked if the cards provide a clue about the man’s physical appearance, or something else specific about him.  I didn’t see any physical descriptions in these cards, so I drew a standard No Layout spread to pick up some clues on the man’s physical characteristics, personality traits, and general disposition.  Again, I set my intention that the Gentleman card would represent the December beau, and asked the cards to describe him.

I was surprised and disconcerted to see the Birds appear again in this reading. My immediate impression was that the combination of Birds and House on the left shows the possibility that the man is already settled in an existing relationship. Heidi’s previous reading predicted commitment issues with this December romance, and so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the man is currently living with someone else.  We can only hope that the Birds merely confirm the fact that the new beau has good communication skills, and that the House is showing that he’s financially stable.

The two cards that flank the Gentleman card should provide the strongest testimony for a physical description. The House shows a stocky frame, and represents medium coloring, light-brown or dark-blond hair, and light eyes.  The House can also denote facial hair. Heidi prefers darker, lean, clean-shaven men, so she was not thrilled with this description.

The Letter represents the fingers and hands, so my intuition tells me there is something distinctive about the man’s hands that will attract Heidi’s attention.  Heidi is worried that this could indicate some kind of disfigurement, but the Heart is such a good card that my impression is that the man’s hands will be an attractive quality. The Letter also confirms the good communication skills.

I find it interesting that the Heart card appears in the spread because it was the Heart that predicted the romance.  In describing the man the Heart indicates that he is generous, loving and compassionate, and it also confirms his lighter coloring. Whatever his current arrangement, the Heart card shows that he’s looking for love.

I advised Heidi to keep her eyes peeled for a stocky, light-haired, light-eyed man with distinctive hands and facial hair while she’s out and about nightclub hopping. She reiterated that the description does not match her “type” of man. I also warned Heidi that the man may be living with someone when they meet.  Heidi says that’s three strikes, if we include the “creepy” hands. I think she wishes now that she never pushed for another reading.  In any case, with three strikes against it, this reading will be an excellent test for the predictive power of the Lenormand cards.

Update December 18, 2011:
Heidi is convinced that she has met her December beau. His name is ryan, but he’s not stocky and he isn’t sporting any facial hair. He is tall and lanky and clean-shaven, but he is light-haired. I think it’s reasonable that not all of the attributes associated with the House would necessarily apply; other than the lighter coloring.

Heidi did meet him in a public place where he works, exactly as predicted. He’s a barista at the Starbucks inside the local Barnes & Noble. The thing that has Heidi convinced that Ryan is “the one” is his hands. She noticed his hands immediately, and she says he has the sexiest hands she’s ever seen operating an espresso machine.

Ryan hasn’t actually asked Heidi out yet, but he did chat her up while he was making her Skinny Caramel Macchiato the first time they met, and afterward she noticed him watching her from across the bookstore. He was even friendlier this morning when she went in for another macchiato with an extra shot, and afterward he caught her eye with a smile while she was browsing the Romance section adjacent to the café.

Now I have to pull some cards to see if he’ll ask her out the next time she goes in, or if she needs to make the first move before she becomes jittery from drinking too much coffee. <sigh> 

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